The best way to effect change is a collective common VOICE A POWERFUL Voice for All Children;
A Relevant Resource for families and communities; and
A Strong Advocate for the education and well-being of every child.


Training Opportunities

August 29 - District 17 in Mentor

September 14 - District 11 & 12 in Berea

October 5 - District 13 in Akron

You are welcome to attend any of the above, even if it's not in your district.

More details soon!

Ohio PTA Convention

Lysol Healthy Habits



2018-2019 Ohio Reflections Winners

2018-2019 National PTA Ohio Reflections Winners


National PTA is encouraging all parents/guardians to learn more about state report cards and look beyond the letter grade given to districts.

Please complete this baseline survey from National PTA:

Is this survey on YOUR school district's website, FB Page, and Twitter Page? Please contact your superintendent and/or communications person for placement. We want Ohio to have the most parent/guardian responses to this survey.

Ohio Schools of Excellence 2018-2020

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