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The theme was "What is Your Story?"
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Since its establishment in 1947, this PTA program has assisted thousands of youth in realizing their dreams.

The Scholarship Brochure  provides more information.

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Information about the 2017 scholarship applications will be mailed to high schools with at least one PTA in their district beginning January.  Guidance counselors should watch for this.  These scholarships are only accessible only on this website.





WHAT IS REFLECTIONS? The Ohio PTA, through National PTA, holds an annual cultural arts program, Reflections. Children in preschool through grade 12 are encouraged to create and submit original works of art in six areas: literature, visual arts, photography, dance choreography, film production and music composition. The Reflections program allows PTAs throughout the state to recognize children for their creativity as they reflect on the yearly theme. Teachers, parents, children and community can get involved in enhancing arts education though the Reflections program. The Reflections Program is one of the best examples of the PTA's ability to bring out the best in our youth. PTA strongly supports education in the arts. It is about creating educational excitement and involvement within our schools between parents, teachers and our kids.


"Within Reach"

2017-2018 Handbook

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Reflections® Art Program                                    


Participation in the Reflections® Program is open to any student, from preschool to 12th grade in Ohio through a local PTA/PTSA in good standing. To be in good standing, initial membership dues must be received in Ohio PTA office by November 30.  The Reflections program promotes advocacy for all children. By using the PTA's National Standards for Family-School Partnerships in the development your local Reflections program, you can help improve your school in the areas of arts and cultural exploration.

Students can enter Reflections® in the following grade divisions - Primary: preschool–grade 2, Intermediate: grades 3–5, Middle/Junior: grades 6–8 and Senior: grades 9–12. They may submit works in any of the six arts areas: Literature, Music composition, Photography, Visual arts, Dance choreography, and Film production. Special artists can submit entries in any category. Our Reflections program begins at the local level, advances to PTA Council level, then to State for judging. The State winners of the Award of Excellence are then advanced to National PTA.

Congratulations to all our participants in this year’s REFLECTIONS PROGRAM! The children created and displayed many original, imaginative, and outstanding interpretations of this year’s theme.

Behind the scenes are many dedicated PTA parents, teachers and community partners that have helped to make this wonderful Arts opportunity possible for our children. We are grateful to all of the volunteers for unselfishly giving of their times and talents and continued support of this program.

This year, thousands of students participated in submitting entries to their local units. The entries that we received at the state level were truly outstanding. All of the children who participated are to be congratulated for their handiwork in Literature, Music Composition, Photography, Visual Arts, Film/Video Production and Dance Choreography.

Judges this year were from various professions across the state. Some were from professional associations in their field of expertise and others from universities. We thank them for their caring, time and effort on behalf of the children of Ohio PTA.

Interested in learning more about the arts in education?  OAAE, Ohio Alliance for Arts Education, provides a weekly Arts Online Education Update. 

STAND UP TO QUALITY: Since early experiences last a lifetime, Step Up to Quality (SUTQ) is Ohio's voluntary quality rating system for child care programs recognizing early care and education programs that exceed quality for Ohio's children.  Read more

GROUNDWORK: The importance of early learning and development takes innovative thinking.  As a nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy organization, this organization works to improve school outcomes, increase the life-long success of Ohio's children and lay a strong foundation for economic prosperity in our state.  Read more
NATIONAL PTA - PTA FAMILY READING EXPERIENCE POWERED BY KINDLE: This program engages the entire family to focus on improving reading skill of children between kindergarten and fifth grade through simple games and activities for the entire family.  Read More

:  Ohio's Third Grade Reading Guarantee ensures that every struggling reader gets the support that he or she needs to be able to learn and achieve.  The program identifies students from kindergarten through gade 3 that are behind in reading so schools can provide support and help get students on track for reading success by the end of the third grade.  Read More


Ohio PTA has partnered with the Ohio Educational Library Media Association, State Library of Ohio, and INFOhio to create resources for parents to help their children prepare for the Third Grade Reading Guarantee.

Check out these videos!  Informative Parent Guides and more information can be found at


GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS:  The transition to multiple options for earning a high school diploma is an exciting one for students who will have more flexibility for success in school and preparing for their future after high school.  Learn more about the requirements for graduation in Ohio

COLLEGE CREDIT PLUS: Students can simultaneously take college courses to earn high school credit.  This site explains the various rules, policies, and responsibilities of the institution and the student participating in the program.  Read More
BASIC INTRO TO SPECIAL EDUCATION:  The world of special education can be overwhelming for parents.  This website offers a variety of information to guide parents.  Although there is a lot to learn, a basic understanding of the special education process will help parents start and continue to learn along the way.  Read More

NATIONAL CENTER FOR LEARNING DISABILITIES:  The National Center for Learning Disabilities has special education information on programs, advocacy along with reports and studies.  There is a parent tab linked to which is a resource for parents with learning and attention issues.  Read More

ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS: Find information and research about students whose primary or home language is other that English.  These students need special language assistance to participate effectively in school.  Read More

Governor Kasich's Educational Funding Proposal:  Click here

BRENNER BILL SUMMARY: Draft revision of the state's system funding of primary and secondary education...Read More

PARENT CHECKLIST:  Parents and caregivers want their children to thrive in school.  This resource helps bridge the transition from home to school and provides the best opportunity at success in learning thus leading to success in life. Read More

This information network for Ohio schools is the state's virtual library serving PreK-12.  It offers a variety of content and services, most free, to students, parents, and teachers.

MILITARY FAMILIES:  Military families in Ohio who may need help are connected with businesses and volunteers ready to help locally.

This article from Education Week offers suggestions about bridging the digital divide in the classroom.  Read More
CHILD POVERTY IN OUR SCHOOLS:  Childhood poverty impacts not only families but schools.  This article talks about how paverty hinders school readiness.  Read More

HWS Conference Calls
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Remaining Dates
Start time 7 PM
 December 5
 March 20, 2018


Action for Healthy Kids and National PTA, with support from ALDI, have teamed up to create, a new website that teaches parents how to get involved in school health and wellness to create healthier schoo
ls where kids can thrive.
The site is unlike any other dedicated to school health—it's by parents for parents, no matter what your knowledge or experience is in school health.  The interactive site includes:

 Do you really know how healthy your child's school is?
Like a Boss: Everything you need to navigate the hallways of school health and wellness.
Hot Topics: Physical Activity & P.E., Recess, Good Eats, Snack Time, Fundraisers and Policy.
Inspiration: Videos and testimonials that will inspire you to get started or keep going.
A Community Forum: exchange ideas and connect with other parents

Wherever and whenever you are ready to champion healthy habits in your child's school, take the first step by visiting

National PTA is partnering with Safe Routes to School National Partnership and Kaiser Permanente to encourage families to walk more while keeping track of their steps.  PTAs may also access tools available to turn this program into a healthy fundraising option.  Fire Up Your Feet helps PTA members live healthier and connect with their families

PTA's Healthy Lifestyles program provides family-centered education and tools to empower families to partner with schools and advocate for healthy changes around nutrition and physical activity.  It also strives to create an environment at home that supports the positive changes happening at school.


Bullying can happen anywhere that young people gather, including online, via text and on social
networks.  This program encourages PTAs to engage student leaders to lead conversations about how bullying is affecting their communities and to develop collaborative solutions.


Start Talking! :  A majority of substance-free adolescents credit their parents for the decision not to use illegal substances.
Likewise, teachers and other authority figures can have a similar influence on youth and their decision-making.  Parents, mentors and peers can make a difference just by talking to the young people in their lives about drug use.  Please Start Talking!
Watch the webinar: Ohio PTA presents a Start Talking! webcast for parents and families.

Healthy Habits Program : National PTA, National Education Association (NEA), and LYSOL have partnered to educate students and families about health and hygiene both in the classroom and at home.

Anaphylaxis: Be Aware, Prepared and Ready to Respond
:  A three-part video series is designed to help create a safer environment for children with severe allergies.

Safety at Home and at Play
: National PTA partnered with Safe Kids Worldwide to develop a program guide, safety lessons and promotional tools.

Smart Talk: A new interactive online tool developed by LifeLock and National PTA.  The Smart Talk lets parent-child duos set ground rules together about smart digital habits.  It's fun and engaging, and together, we can help educate a new generation of good digital citizens.

Smart Snacks:  On July 1, 2014, the Smart Snacks guidelines - which originated from the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 - went into effect.  All schools enrolled in the National School Lunch Program must comply with the nutrition guidelines for what is considered "competitive food" - more commonly referred to as "Smart Snacks".  Resources, including "A PTA's Guide to Smart Snacks in Schools", are readily available to help your PTA be a successful partner in this transition.


National Response to Address Children's
Exposure to Violence

Did you know that more than half of this nation's children - estimated at 43 million - will have their lives touched by violence, crime, abuse, and psychological trauma this year?  It will happen in their homes, neighborhoods, schools, playgrounds or playing fields, locker rooms, place of worship, shelters, streets, or in juvenile detention centers.  The U.S. Attorney General's Task Force on Children Exposed to Violence is a must read report for every parent, guardian, and/or community stakeholder.

Visit National PTA for additional resources:

The Ohio School Breakfast Challenge!

The Ohio School Breakfast Challenge encourages all schools to give their students a great start to their day with a healthy breakfast. Why? Breakfast helps students do their best. We invite you to participate in one or both of our challenges – the original Ohio School Breakfast Challenge, or our new Champions of Breakfast Award.





Building Family-School Partnerships

Supporting student success in your PTA involves collaboration between parents, schools and communities. The National Standards for Family-School Partnerships provides a framework to use to help build FSP in your school. Talk with your PTA unit to see which of the standards below you feel you are meeting and which areas need strengthening. Check out the new Family-School Partnership e-learning workshop now available at for fresh ideas on how you can implement the Standards in your PTA.  

STANDARD 1- Welcoming All Families

This is the first of six National PTA Standards for Family-School Partnerships.  Interactions among teachers, students, parents and others set the tone for everything else. Families say the number one reason behind their school involvement is that they were greeted with warmth and respect.

STANDARD 2 – Communicating Effectively

Regular opportunities for open, honest dialogue helps families to feel they are informed about important issues and that they can easily communicate feedback to teachers, the principal, and other staff. Many schools deliver information through handouts, newsletters, handbooks and websites.

STANDARD 3 – Supporting Student Success

Every student should be afforded every opportunity to graduate from high school while being adequately prepared for and encouraged to pursue postsecondary education, including vocational education.

STANDARD 4 – Speaking Up for Every Child

All children need an advocate—someone to speak out and stand up for them. Most likely that “someone” will be a parent, guardian, or close family member.

STANDARD 5 – Sharing Power

Shared decision making needs to exist among all parties involved in a child’s education. In a true partnership, all parties have an equal say in important decisions.

STANDARD 6 Collaborating with the Community

Partnerships that connect a school with businesses, hospitals, colleges, service clubs, social service agencies, youth organizations, public housing projects, churches, other faith-based organizations, and other community groups can turn a neighborhood into a thriving place to live, work, and raise a family.

More information for building Family-School Partnerships

  • Ohio Family-School Partnership Award.  See Earn this award by participating in family,school and community partnership activities at the local, state, and national levels, within a one year time period (October 1 - September 30).  PTA members who accumulate 150 points will earn an Ohio PTA.  Family-School Partnership Certificate of Achievement Award.  receive a pin and certificate as well as arecognition at the Ohio PTA Convention and in The News, the Ohio PTA publication.
  • Every Child in Focus Calendar
    September - Hispanic Indian Child
    October - Urban Child
    November - American Indian Child
    December - Child w/ special needs
    January - Suburban Child
    February - African-American Child
    March - Foster Child
    April - Military Child
    May - Asian American/Pacific Islander Child
    June - Rural Child
    July - American Child

THE M.A.C.K. (Male Action Changing Kids) Award

Application will be available in November 2017


Prose, poetry and drama are all accepted. The entry must relate to the program theme, “HOW A MALE POSITIVELY CHANGED/INFLUENCED MY LIFE.” Whether an entry uses a variety of techniques or a simple approach, it will be judged primarily on how well the student uses his or her artistic vision to portray the theme. There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner chosen from each division – Primary (Preschool – Grade 2), Intermediate (Grades 3 – 5), Middle School (Grades 6 – 8), and High School (Grades 9 -12).

Nicole Lesnick   
Chairperson, Ohio PTA MOSAIC Committee
Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Ohio PTA




 WELCOME TO Red Treehouse

A website with relevant information to empower families with knowledge or answers to questions regarding adoption, grief and bereavement, health impairments, intellectual disabilities, legal, mental health and substance abuse to name a few of the many areas available to search.