Wouldn’t it be nice...

If every American child had access to clear, consistent K-12 academic standards?

If, no matter where you lived, or what your economic status was, or how many times you moved during your child’s school years, he or she had access to the same educational standards as his or her peers in a different school? 

If parents knew what to expect and teachers knew what to teach?

Learn More about Common Core State Standards

National PTA has received information that an anti-Common Core State Standards resolution will be voted on by the ALEC board.National Chairman David Frizzell has called a special email vote on this resolution. The Board (Public Sector Members) is going to vote this measure up or down. The Public Sector Board Members will be able to vote via email from November 7 until either a majority of the Board votes or until November 16.  Please go to the Ohio PTA website for talking points and Fact Check sheet and then contact Ohio representative, Sen. William Seitz at http://www.ohiosenate.gov/senate2012/seitz/contact or call him at (614) 466-8068.

1.  National PTA Talking Points
2.  General Talking Points
3.  Anti-CCSS Resolution Fact Check Sheet


This is a Resource Guide to Ohio PTA legislative activities.   If you want further information, please contact the
Ohio PTA office for a copy of the resolution.



A Resource Guide for Ohio PTAs to write resolutions for consideration at the Ohio PTA Annual Convention.