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A powerful voice for all children

A relevant resource for families and communities; and

A strong advocate for the education and well-being of every child.

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 Ohio PTA is proud to announce the following schools have received
the 2014-2015 School of Excellence.  The National PTA School of
Excellence is a recognition program that supports and celebrates
partnerships between PTAs and schools to enrich the educational
experience and overall well-being for all students.

Congratulations to our Ohio PTA School of Excellence Winners!

Bay Village Senior High School PTSA, Bay Village
Copley Fairlawn Middle School PTSA, Copley
Ft. Island Elementary School PTA, Copley
Green Valley Elementary PTA, Parma
Grindstone Elementary PTA, Berea
Normandy Elementary PTA, Bay Village
Westerly Elementary PTA, Bay Village





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Message from Lisa (our PTA President)


Ohio PTA’s theme for this year is “Our PTA Symphony:  Bringing Harmony to Every Child’s Life.”   I am a true music lover.  Music is a big part of my life, so the theme just had to be musical, not just because of my love for music, but because of what music represents.  Music transcends all barriers.  It’s a universal language.  There are so many components of music, which we will explore together.

The definitions of “symphony” are anything characterized by a harmonious combination of elements; sounding together; but my favorite definition is “agreement of sound – one voice.”   Our PTA tagline is “Every Child.  One Voice,” so what a perfect word – symphony!  

A symphony typically has four movements.  A movement is a self-contained part of a musical composition.  While individual movements can sometimes be performed separately, a performance of the work requires that all the movements be performed together or be connected.

I want to liken the goals for my term to the movements of our PTA Symphony.  

The first movement (goal) is Family Engagement.  Statistics show that when parents are actively involved in their children’s education that they are more likely to succeed.  Family Engagement takes on many facets.  

Our second movement is Training.  Leadership training is critical, so that we have flourishing PTA units and councils.  But we also want our families educated on current educational issues such as the Common Core State Standards, and timely topics such as bullying, human trafficking, and school safety. 

The third movement is Advocacy, which is the hallmark of this great organization and is what sets us apart from all other unaffiliated parent groups.  We want to be at the forefront talking to our state and federal legislators about issues that impact our children.  We also want parents to know about legislation that impacts their children.

The fourth movement, but certainly not least, is Relevancy.  I want PTA to be relevant for all children, all families, and all communities.  I want everyone to know the value of PTA.

Now as I stated earlier, each movement or goal could stand alone independently, but to make our PTA Symphony complete, all of the movements or goals need to be connected or in harmony.  Striving to reach these goals is what will help bring harmony to every child’s life.  Harmony is the use of simultaneous notes or chords.  A chord is two or more musical notes played or sung together – one voice.  The harmonization will come through our agreement as we speak as one voice on behalf of all children.  

I hope that you have a productive and great year as you bring harmony to every child’s life!


Ohio PTA President

Your 2013-2015 Ohio PTA Board of Directors


Board of Directors Job Descriptions

Leadership Directors District Advisors
Lisa Mack
Jackie Arendt
District 1
Sheila Ragland
Bylaws and Standing Rules
Linda Read
District 2
Vice President of Leadership
Ana Chapman
Jeanne Groetz-Shockling
District 3

Vice President of Field Service
Cathy Harless
Diversity & Inclusion
Terry Hickey
District 4

Sharon Urig
Joe Vitrano
District 6
Immediate Past President
Gloria Cazan  
Lynn LaMore
District 7
Susan Hans
Sue Owen
Executive Director
Family-School Partnership
Pam Bonnett
District 8

Jeri Gookin
Adminstrative Director  
Health, Welfare & Safety
Venezuela Robinson
District 9
Barb Bungard
Suzie Smith-Rios
District 10
40 Northwoods Blvd.
Columbus, 43235
614-781-6349 FAX
  District 11 Interim
Debbie Tidwell
    District 12
Maria Lang
    District 13
Lisa Weaver 
    District 17
Carol Beasley
    District 18
Hazel Trinko
    District 19 

District 1: Williams, Fulton, Lucas, Defiance, Henry, Wood

District 2: Paulding, Putnam, Hancock, Van Wert, Allen, Hardin, Mercer, Auglaize

District 3: Darke, Shelby, Logan, Miami, Champaign, Union, Clark, Madison

District 4: Preble, Montgomery, Greene, Fayette, Clinton

District 6: Butler, Warren, Hamilton, Clermont, Brown

District 7: Sandusky, Seneca, Erie, Huron, Lorain

District 8: Wyandot, Crawford, Richland, Ashland, Marion, Morrow, Knox

District 9: Ross, Highland, Meigs, Pike, Jackson, Adams, Scioto, Lawrence, Galia

District 10: Delaware, Franklin, Licking, Fairfield, Perry, Hocking, Pickaway, Vinton

District 11: Inner portion of Cuyahoga County

District 12: Outer ring of Cuyahoga County

District 13: Medina, Summit, Portage, Wayne, Stark, Holmes, Coshocton, Tuscarawas, Carroll

District 17: Lake, Geauga, Ashtabula

District 18: Trumball, Mahoning, Columbiana

District 19: Jefferson, Harrison, Guernsey, Belmont, Noble, Monroe, Morgan, Washington, Athens
  1. PTA’s strength is its national membership. When PTA speaks on behalf of children and youth, we are heard from the principal’s office to the president’s office. Membership in PTA makes you part of over 100 years of service to children and schools.

  2. PTA bylaws and procedures ensure that each PTA – from the local unit to the National PTA – operates democratically and protects the rights of each member.

  3. The effectiveness of any organization is determined by the caliber of its leadership. PTA is often the training ground for a community’s leaders because we provide printed materials and workshops on programming, budgeting, leadership skills, and parliamentary tips. 

  4. Ohio PTA leaders provide field service and counseling for problems which arise. As part of a state and national organization, local PTA units exchange ideas and gain new insights from others’ experience. 

  5. Ohio PTA and National PTA, through government and foundation grants, develop needed research and programming in vital areas such as parenting, drug and alcohol abuse, critical television viewing skills, comprehensive health education and the arts. 

  6. Ohio PTA distributes an Annual Resource Guide of valuable program suggestions, membership promotions and PTA information to each unit president. Each president also receives “Our Children” which includes “What’s Happening in Washington” from the National PTA and the Ohio PTA"The News”. These useful periodicals are available to all members at modest subscription rates. 

  7. National PTA promotes PTA activities and membership through news releases, public service announcements on radio and television, and a public service advertising campaign in magazines. 

  8. Ohio PTA provides blanket federal income tax exemption through the Internal Revenue Service for all PTA units and councils. Your local PTA unit is considered a 501C 3 because of its affiliation with the Ohio PTA. 

  9. Annual district conferences, state and national conventions, and workshops permit all PTA members to make their voices heard in the shaping of PTA policies. 

  10. Ohio PTA and National PTA speak out for children before the “Big Boards of Education” – the Ohio General Assembly and the United States Congress.

  11. Ohio PTA has no paid lobbyists and PTA volunteers monitor legislation, testify on bills, and keep PTA members informed on the latest educational legislative issues.

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